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Every name matters

During World War II, 25,843 people were interned in the Dossin Barracks. They were stripped of their names and assigned numbers before their deportation. Join us in recording their names to commemorate each of these deportees.

Join us in reading a name! Because every name matters.
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The girl in the picture is Esther Blau. In the spring of 1924, she was given this name by her parents, Isaak and Helena Blau. In 1942, Esther was imprisoned in the Dossin Barracks because she was Jewish, where she was stripped of her name. It was there that she became a number on a transportation list. Esther was deported from Mechelen to a Nazi camp, along with 25,842 other prisoners. Most of them did not survive. Like so many others, Esther never returned.

Here, in the place where their names were taken from them, we have decided to restitute them, together with you. 

From 4 October 2023, Kazerne Dossin is looking for 25,843 readers. Each participant visits the museum to record one name. From 2025, these 25,843 names will resonate in the memorial to commemorate the deportees. By reading their names out loud, the participants will erect 25,843 memorials to all those who were murdered.

You find more information on how to participate here.

Relatives of deportees can contact for their registration.


  • Age 9 and up
  • 1 to 6 participants
  • Dutch, French, English
  • Kazerne Dossin
  • 15 min. p.p.
  • Free
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    The project will run throughout 2024.

Would you like to stay informed or do you have a question: contact:

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How to participate?

From your registration to the recording of a name: find a handy step-by-step overview here!


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Relatives of deportees

Relatives of deportees can read out several names as a group or individually. They can contact Kazerne Dossin for this purpose, mentioning the names of their deported relatives. Together, we will look for a suitable time.


Tips for recording a name

Not sure of the pronunciation of the name you were assigned? Kazerne Dossin is happy to help. Listen to some names on the ‘sound list’.

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Combine your appointment with a free visit

Your appointment to record a name is also an ideal opportunity to visit Kazerne Dossin. Follow the free special trail through the permanent exhibition and learn more about Esther Blau, her family, and the other deportees.


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Coming with more than 6 people?

Coming to Kazerne Dossin to read a name together is a special experience to share. Discover the possibilities here. This group offer is available from January 2024.

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Donate to ‘Every name matters’

‘Every name matters’ commemorates the victims of the Holocaust. Make a donation and contribute to the renewal of the Portrait wall.

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