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How to participate?


  • Go to the ‘Every name matters’ online planner  and enter your details.
  • Choose a date and time. You can schedule an appointment up to 4 months in advance.
  • You can also register on behalf of others, if necessary. You can register up to 6 people.
  • Each participant* receives an e-mail:
    • confirming the date and time.
    • with the name and (if possible) a photo of the person assigned to you.
    • a link to the Memorial website where you can find more information about your person.
    • practical information about the location.

*to the e-mail address you provided

Participate here


  • Report to the ticket desk at Kazerne Dossin on the day of your appointment. A staff member will show you the way to the recording studio.
  • You record the name and age of the deportee three times.
  • Done!

Around the recording studio you will find all sorts of interesting viewing and reading material to learn more about the context and events.

Your recording will be played in the Memorial along when all the names are recorded.