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Every name matters : Teambuilding

Take part in a meaningful project with your team. At Kazerne Dossin, we offer a unique opportunity for organizations, big and small, to participate in our special initiative: ‘Every name matters’.

About ‘Every name matters’

Kazerne Dossin is searching for 25,843 individuals to speak 25,843 names. They are the names of all the individuals who were deported from the Dossinkazerne in Mechelen to concentration camps during the Second World War.

This takes shape in a name project where the name and age of each deportee will be spoken in a language of choice. All names will resonate in the memorial space from 2025.

With this project, Kazerne Dossin aims to honor the deported and create a sustainable, serene memory and commemoration. We aim for a lasting ‘connection’ between the victims and as broad an audience as possible.

We would like to ask for your support in realizing this project together!


How to participate?
  • Send an e-mail to
  • A Kazerne Dossin staff member will find a suitable date with you.
  • You receive a registration link for your group. Upon registration, a link is established between the members of your group and a deportee based on age and/or date of birth.
  • All participants receive an e-mail with the name they will record, possibly a photo, and a link to the Memorial website, where they will find more information about the person whose name they will record.
  • Coming with less than 12 people? Register here.
  • A Kazerne Dossin staff member will accompany your group and provide more information.
  • Then the recording session starts.
What do you do while the other participants record their names?
  • Starting from January 2024
  • 1 group of minimum 12 to maximum 40 persons in the morning or afternoon. Up to 120 persons during an evening event.
  • English, Dutch, French
  • Kazerne Dossin
  • Depending on the chosen package
  • Free admission and free museum visit.
  • Scroll down for the different packages.