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Every name matters: With a group

Visiting the memorial together to record a name for ‘Every name matters’ is a special experience. A group of family members or friends, an association, or a team of colleagues: everyone is welcome.

‘Every name matters’ is a remembrance project. From January 2024, Kazerne Dossin will be looking for 25,843 people who will each come to record a name at the museum. When all the names are recorded, these 25,843 names will resonate in the memorial in commemoration of the deportees.

How to participate?
  • Send an e-mail to
  • A Kazerne Dossin staff member will find a suitable date with you.
  • You receive a registration link for your group. Upon registration, a link is established between the members of your group and a deportee based on age and/or date of birth.
  • All participants receive an e-mail with the name they will record, possibly a photo, and a link to the Memorial website, where they will find more information about the person whose name they will record.
  • A Kazerne Dossin staff member will accompany your group and provide more information.
  • Then the recording session starts.
What do you do while the other participants record their names?
  • From January 2024
  • 1 group of min. 7 to max. 20 people in the morning or afternoon
  • Dutch, French, English
  • Kazerne Dossin
  • 15 min. p.p./recording
  • Free