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Old postcard brings families together

13.10.2021 Research centre

A small act with a big impact. Teenager Jeanne Roosen found a lost postcard during World War II. Her sense of responsibility moved her to get the message to the right destination. In the end, it turned out to be Moïse Iarchy’s last words to his wife and 3-year-old son. Having left the Dossin barracks and on his way to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Moïse was still able to throw this letter out of the deportation train.

Kazerne Dossin started a search as a result of the collection days. Jean Iarchy was found, son of. Also, on the other side they ended up with Jeanne’s daughter-in-law, namely Yvette.

Last Sunday (11/10/2021) both families met in Drieslinter, the place where the card was found and sent again. Finally, together with the mayor of the municipality, researchers from Kazerne Dossin and the local history circle, they laid flowers at the war memorial in Orsmaal.

Transcription postcard Moïse Iarchy

My dear friends,

After 3 days of a not too painful stay in the episcopal city, we left this morning.
Some time ago I saw the chimneys of the Raffineries Tirlemontoises. I still have to discover what the ultimate goal of my journey is. I send cordial greetings to all my loved ones; tell them I am very glad they are not with me, especially Jeannot would be out of place. Tell them to take good care of themselves and stay free from disease.
Morale is good. The packages arrived at my place last night. I am grateful to you and remain yours.

Signature Moïse Iarchy

FYI: Jeannot is the pet name for the 3-year-old son Jean.