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Kazerne Dossin is launching a new exhibition entitled ‘Universal Human Rights’ on International Human Rights Day

10.12.2021 Museum

Reports about human rights violations are a regular feature of the news. The positive aspects of human rights, however, are all too rarely highlighted, despite the fact that they are of ‘vital importance’. The ‘Universal Human Rights’ exhibition, which will run from 9 February to 11 December 2022, gives Kazerne Dossin the opportunity to highlight once again the idea of “hope”, which is an inherent part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The ‘Universal Human Rights’ exhibition delves deeper into the roots of human rights in our history, legislation, religion, philosophy and even in nature. It focuses on energetic activists from the past and the present relevance of their struggles. Contemporary advocates offer inspiration and show their total commitment. Three different sections guide visitors through knowledge, wonderment and eventually to action!

During the preparations for the exhibition, the curators looked for objects that played a part throughout the history of human rights. They addressed the countries that signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. This is how the United Kingdom came to lend a copy of the famous Magna Carta. Ambassador Shearman made a special visit to Kazerne Dossin to hand over this very special item.


On the occasion of international Human Rights Day, the British ambassador to Belgium Martin Shearman is handing over a facsimile of the famous Magna Carta to Tomas Baum, director of Kazerne Dossin. This loan will be on display as part of the ‘Universal Human Rights’ exhibition.

© David Legrève

The UK puts universal human rights, liberal democracy, free speech and fairness at the heart of our work around the world. Magna Carta established the foundation of the freedom of the individual against arbitrary authority over 800 years ago and is one of the precursors to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are delighted to lend a copy of Magna Carta to Kazerne Dossin for its exhibition on universal human rights.

Martin Shearman, Ambassador United Kingdom

The agreement stipulating that all human beings across the globe are entitled to basic rights still applies. Kazerne Dossin wants to use the Universal Human Rights exhibition to put the focus once again on respect for human dignity. Visitors will be given the opportunity to learn more and to marvel at the richness of this narrative: the exhibition is designed to reach out to all human beings.

Tomas Baum, directeur Kazerne Dossin

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  • 09.02.2022 - 11.12.2022
  • €10, -21 years old: €5