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Network ‘Wij-Zij’

The we-them project arose from the will to create a network and a hub regarding polarisation. We strongly feel that the need and the demand for a sustainable answer to polarisation problems, controversies and conflicts is growing. We-them aims to disseminate tools and strategies that can provide a professional footing.

The network is supported by Kazerne Dossin, the Flemish Peace Institute, the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities, Ghent University, the Royal Athenaeum Antwerp, the Special Committee for Remembrance Education, Democratic Dialogue, the Aurore Ruyffelaere Fund, Geïntegreerde Politie (Integrated Police), the Hannah Arendt Institute, the City of Mechelen and the Catholic Education Flanders.

Background and history

Within its work, Kazerne Dossin, the museum and centre of expertise on the Holocaust and human rights, sets out from the historical story of the Holocaust in Belgium to reflect on phenomena such as cumulative radicalisation and polarisation. The main educational mission is not only to better understand today’s world, but also to build bridges for tomorrow and bring about real social change.

In this context, Kazerne Dossin was confronted with an increasing demand for know-how about polarisation. As this went beyond its basic operation, efforts were made to expand the we-them project.

Interested in the network?

Please contact Dylan Meert for more information.

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