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Watch the video report of the congres ‘Trains and the Holocaust’ here


In cooperation with Europalia and the Auschwitz Foundation, the conference ‘Trains and the Holocaust’ took place on 26 April in Kazerne Dossin. The whole day there were lectures and roundtable discussions on various aspects of the deportation. The train, a symbol of modernity, became a key factor in the genocide during the Second World War.

You can watch the lectures on the YouTube channel of the Auschwitz Foundation.

  • Annelies Beck, Introduction
  • Laurence Schram, Deportation from the Dossin Barracks 1942 1944
  • Nico Wouters, The role of the NMSB/SNCB in the deportations during WWII
  • Dorien Styven, Left behind, the deportation rate of forced slave labourers and their families
  • Grégory Célerse, Save the children 11 September 1942
  • Koen Aerts, The attack on the 20th convoy
  • Johan Puttemans, From ‘passenger car’ to ‘wagon’: the misleading deception of deportation
  • Frédéric Crahay, Veerle Vanden Daelen, Hannes Vanwymelbeke, Roundtable