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In memoriam Reinier Heinsman


It is with intense sadness that we report the death of Reinier Heinsman, a particularly committed and valued volunteer of Kazerne Dossin. This young Dutchman passionately sought to identify deportees. He managed to find more than 100 photos, which were added to the Portrait Wall and the Kazerne Dossin memorial website.

He had a special interest in the story of the Jewish orphans in Antwerp. On this theme he wrote the book ‘From the Children’s Home to the Gas Chamber: And how some avoided their fate’. His research was also integrated into the Left Behind project (see the descriptions of the Girls’ House and Good Engels Children’s Home on map 1).

We are grateful for all that Reinier accomplished for the deportees, their loved ones and Kazerne Dossin. We extend our sincere condolences to his family and loved ones. He will remain in our thoughts forever.

In this video we see Reinier talking about his search as part of the 2020 Portrait Ceremony.