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Discover the new project, ‘Left Behind’


From today 27 January, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, you can find the research project ‘Left Behind’ on our website. ‘Left Behind’ tells the story of the Organisation Todt, which forced Jewish men from Antwerp to work in Northern France. The project investigates the impact of this forced labour on the daily life and survival of the Jewish workers and the families they had to leave behind.

The findings of the research have been made visually accessible on three interactive maps. You can view the three maps on our website, and can consult documents such as the diaries, personal letters, photos and testimonials of the relatives of OT workers.

‘Left Behind’ is a project under the leadership of Dr. Veerle Vanden Daelen and Dorien Styven from Kazerne Dossin, and has been sponsored by Gaby & Howard Morris and family. The City of Antwerp helped to design the digital maps.