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Training: Football – individualised learning path

A museum visit may be suggested as an alternative measure in case of violations against the provisions on offensive and discriminatory public speaking in the Federation’s Regulations and/or the Internal Regulations of a professional football club.

The player, trainer, supporter, referee… can voluntarily follow an individualised learning path at Kazerne Dossin, as an alternative to a suspension or stadium ban, for example. During their visit he/she is given a chance to understand why some behaviour is deemed inappropriate on the one hand and receives guidance on how to behave differently in the future, on the other.

The individualised learning path comprises several steps:

  1. An introductory meeting, by phone or at the club, to get to know the participant, his/her motivation, own views on what happened, and so on.
  2. The guided tour in the museum takes into account the uniqueness of the football context, focussing on the story of deported footballers, as well as people’s own margin for action and the mechanisms behind group dynamics. The visit ends with a more in-depth discussion.
  3. After the visit, the participant and the guide both write up a report.

Kazerne Dossin has joined forces with the Pro League and the Royal Belgian Football Association to develop this offering, providing a constructive response to racism and discrimination in football.


Find out more about training paths at Kazerne Dossin in this video:

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