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Consulting the Kazerne Dossin website

Kazerne Dossin uses cookies – small text files that are stored on your computer – to ensure the proper operation of the website (session cookies) on the one hand, and to record statistics with regard to visits to the website via Google Analytics (tracking cookies), on the other. The tracking cookies enable us to measure and improve the performance of our website by identifying the most popular pages and the browsing behaviour of our visitors, for example. The cookies we use are secure and have a limited lifetime, but you can disable them if you wish.

The following cookies are used:

  • functional cookie (fuelcid): a session cookie with a lifetime of 1 hour that does not track your activities. This cookie enables Kazerne Dossin to ensure the optimisation of your browsing, for example by recording the language you have chosen for browsing the Kazerne Dossin website.
  • tracking cookies (Google Analytics): ga and _gid: cookies with a lifetime of 2 years and 24 hours respectively, used to distinguish between visitors. _gat: cookie with a lifetime of 1 minute, which is used to limit the number of requests sent, in order not to overload the servers.
  • Third-party cookies: indirect cookies are created or sent by a third party during your visit to a Kazerne Dossin webpage. For example, cookies from Google, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

You can delete or disable the use of cookies from time to time via your browser settings (via Preferences or Advanced Settings, in the “Privacy”, “Security”, or “History” menu, depending on the browser).